SourceMaker LED all in one Dimcase

The Sourcemaker Dimcase is an all-in-one LED dimming controller designed to run an 8’ x 8’ Hybrid LED blanket. Built into a robust rolling case with telescoping handle, the Dimcase is the perfect set-ready tool for all RGB + Hybrid LED ribbon and blanket products. The included high-frequency DMX decoders help achieve smooth and consistent dimming at all points in the dim curve and each Dimcase can be configured for multiple channel dimming applications. Able to power 100A of LED Ribbon, the Dimcase can be used to control large quantities of ribbon over multiple channels.

Easy DMX addressing via digital display
100A capacity - 16 channels x 6.25A @ 24v
Can control (1) 8x8 : (2) 4x8, (4) 4x4 or (8) 2x4 blankets independently
Ideal for all RGB + Hybrid blankets
Optional breakouts available for endless applications
Robust rolling case with telescoping handle