Quasar Triple Battery Charger *****DISCONTINUED *******

*****DISCONTINUED *******

3 Input Charger for Quasar Linear Battery Packs

For NiMH/NiCD Battery Packs

Each Quasar Battery has the Blue Square or Red Triangle to help set the charger to the correct setting.

0.9A/1.8A each channel - Using Selector Switch

• 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel female adapter on each channel

120V - 240V AC worldwide power support

L 9.8” X W 5.8” X H 1.8”

Check the battery pack for its Charge Symbol.
If it has a Blue Square, slide the charge selector to the left to 0.9A.
If it has a Red Triangle, slide the charge selector to the right to 1.8A

The Red LED will illuminate to indicate charging.
The Green LED will indicate that the battery charging is complete.

For the Quasar Linear Battery Packs, be sure to switch the inline power switch to ON.