Quasarplate MYWAYGRIP T12 quad plate

Joining forces with Matthews Studio Equipment and utilizing their new MyWayGripâ„¢ rigging system we present the QuasarPlate Linear LED mounting system. Built for Q-LED Linear LED Lamps making it simple to mount 1, 2 or 4 Lamps off of a single stand.

The options are endless with MyWayGrip accessories, from a simple 90° Baby Pin to the advanced MSE InfinityArm™. Whether a short Q15 1ft or the super long 8ft Q100, simply snap the lamps into the Q-Blocks and you're set. Articulating light couldn't get any easier.

T12 QBlocks or T8 Qblocks NOT INCLUDED

Single - Holds one lamp. - Plate Dimensions: 13" x 2" Double - Holds two lamps - Plate Dimensions: 13" x 4" Quad - Holds four lamps - Plate Dimensions: 13" x 8" Includes: 1 - QuasarPlate 1 - 6" MyWayBabyPin 1 - MyWayReceiver