Osram Sylvania - DRAGONPUCK/OS/DP3/W3-854

Osram DRAGONPUCK/OS/DP3/W3-854 (70169) - DRAGONpuck LED module. White (5400K) with 16 degree beam angle. W3 Generation.

The DRAGONpuck LED module by SYLVANIA bridges the gap between the requirements of white light illumination and the capabilities of LED technology. These modules provide bright and intense illumination for accent lighting applications. The DRAGONpuck module consists of three high-fl ux LEDs mounted on a metal substrate circuit board and an optical lens. The module is more effi cient than incandescent or halogen light sources with a similar luminous intensity. DRAGONpuck is optimally paired with OPTOTRONIC® constant current power supplies