(DISCONTINUED) Fiilex P360 Pro Portable LED Light


The P360 Pro is the next-generation version of Fiilex's flagship portable LED light. This 400W-equivalent fixture takes everything that made the original P360 great and brings it to the next level. The CCT range has been expanded (2800-6500K) and dimming now runs from 0-100%. The Pro maintains top-tier CRI (>93) at any setting.

Weighing under two pounds, the weather-resistant (IP-24) P360 Pro is designed for travel, but it can also be easily integrated into DMX setups with its onboard DMX functionality. Other features include a high-resolution OLED display and design tweaks such as the accessory lock.

For users looking to get the most out of the P360 Pro, Fiilex offers a wide array of accessories, ranging from magnetic fresnels and diffusers, to softboxes and larger fresnel attachments. With these light modifiers, the Pro Plus can be turned into a broad fill, a powerful spot, or anything in between.

1x P360 Pro
1x Power Adapter
1x Barndoor

Tunable CCT (2800 - 6500K)
350W tungsten equivalent, 90W draw
Water Resistant (IP24)
Dimming (0 -100%)
High CRI (>93) at any Color Temperature
Does not Emit UV Light/Radiation
Broadband Full Spectrum LED Source
OLED Display for easy setup
Single Point Dense Matrix LED Light Source
Flicker Free
Lightweight, Compact and Easy for Travel
Cool to Touch
Compatible with Broadcast Batteries
Designed in USA, Assembled in USA/Taiwan