Fiilex P360

The perfect balance of power and portability, the P360 is a 350W equivalent light that weighs just 1.6lbs. Color tunable between tungsten and daylight, this compact LED is strong enough to be a key or fill light and flexible enough to never lock you into a certain look. Delivering intense light with a high CRI (≥93), the P360 saves you time in post-production by giving you vibrant colors and crisp shadows with no color fringing or spiking. This single point source runs cool to touch and can be shaped, softened, or focused easily with a wide variety of accessories, blending into your existing set-up or working flawlessly on its own. Compatible with broadcast batteries and designed to withstand bumps and turbulence of travel, the P360 is an easy choice for establishing quick shots on the go and for working on location. A go-to tool for any lighting kit, the powerful P360 gives you stunning light whenever you need it.

1x P360
1x Power adapter
1x barndoor

350W tungsten equivalent, 90W draw
Dimmable and Color-Tunable Between 3000-5600K
High CRI ≥93
Compact, Weighs 1.6 lbs
Runs on AC Power 110-240V or Broadcast Batteries 12-28V
(w/ D-Tap Cables)
Solid State Technology (no Bulbs to Break)