Fiilex - Medium Softbox

The Medium Softbox is compatible with most P-Series and Q-Series Fiilex lights. In addition to Fiilex products, this softbox works with any low-heat fixture that uses a standard-sized speed ring. Its high-quality diffusion can be modified with inner and outer baffles to suit different lighting setups and the optional Grid accessory takes its light-shaping capabilities even further. The softbox attaches via flex rods to the P-Series and Q-Series Speed Rings (not included) and is collapsible for easy transport in the included travel bag.

1x Medium Softbox
1x inner & outer baffle
1x travel bag

Features »
Size 24” x 32” 60cm x 80cm
Silver Reflective Interior, Black Fabric Exterior
Inner and Outer Baffles, Accepts Optional Grid
Travel Bag
Easy to Attach

Compatible with:
Q500-AC, Q500-DC, and Q1000