Fiilex K301 Pro Plus Travel Kit (3-P360 Pro Plus)

Kit includes:

3x (P360 Pro Plus, Barndoor, Power Adapter, Reverse Leg Light Stand)
1x (Extra Small Softbox Kit)
1x (K-Class Rolling Case)

P360 Pro Plus Features :

OLED Display for easy setup
400W Output Equivalent, only uses 90W
IP rating of 24 ( water resistant)
Dimming (0 -100%)
Tunable CCT (2800 - 6500K)
Hue Control ± .25 Magenta / Green
High CRI (>95)
Does not Emit UV Light/Radiation
Broadband Full Spectrum LED Source
Single Point Dense Matrix LED Light Source
Flicker Free
Lightweight, Compact and Easy for Travel
Virtually Heat Free and Cool to Touch
Compatible with Broadcast Batteries
AC/DC Voltage Options (works with batteries)
Designed in USA, Assembled in USA/Taiwan