Astera PixelBrick PB15

Astera PixelBrick PB15 

Astera's new multi-purpose light uses the Titan LED engine in addition to being a battery-powered. The PixelBrick is a spotlight with 5 different beam options while possible to connect multiple PixelBricks to form clusters and shapes giving a wide possibility of configurations. With about 10cm edge length and 1kg weight, it is small and lightweight while still featuring a powerful output of high-quality light which meets the highest demands of film, TV and stage clients.

Key functions: 

PixelBrick 3x3 matrix

Combine several units into a cluster

PixelBrick circle shape

Create shapes using various mounting accessories

Titan LED Engine

Titan LED Engine

Filters and Dome create different beams and looks

AirlineTrack for accessories

Backside display with dedicated Color and Brightness buttons

Removeable bracket

Direct App Control