Astera AX2-100 Pixel Bar

The AX2- 100 Pixel Bar from Astera features 16 individually control pixels with RGB+Amber+Mint LEDs like the titan engine. The 40" long wash light is equipped with 21° Gaggione lenses with very smooth color rendering. It's wireless DMX capabilities along with its internal 20-hour battery pack is suitable for coroporate events, concerts and films. 

With the Barconnect+ system you can join multiple Astera Pixel Bars while maintaining consisteng lighting and pixel pitch. The integrated IR modules enable auto-addressing for AsteraApp and DMX control. 

Includes: hanging brackets and removable feet to allow for different configurations or joining multiple fixtures.


Individually Controllable Pixels
• 16 individually controllable pixels

Titan LED Engine
• TLCI >= 96, CRI Ra >= 96, CRI Re >= 90 from 3200K to 6500K

Precision Optics from Gaggione
• 21 Degree lenses with perfect color-mixing from floor to ceiling

• Join several AX2s, they communicate to allow auto-addressing & Flow Sets

Consistent pixel pitch
• Throughout all AX2s connected with BarConnect+

Removable feet
Multifunctional feet with quick release clamps

Airline Track
• Airline Track at back and bottom to attach mounting tools