Powercom SLK-1500 Solar Inverter

General Data - SLK2000 Inverter


Internal Power Consumption < 7W                                   
Standby power (at night) <.01w>
Minimum conversion efficiency (DC/AC) 5

> 90%    Under input voltage >210V, load> 20%

Maximum Conversion Efficiency (DC/AC) 5 > 95%
CEC Efficiecny > 94.5%
GDFI threshold6 See ground fault current detection
Maximum output fault current and duration (see 47.3.3) <100A Duration time <80m sec
Ground current detection frequency 0 ~ 700 Hz
Protection Degree NEMA 3R (rain proof)
Operation Temperature -25 ~ +45 oC
Storage Temperature Range -25 ~ +70 oC
Humidity 0 tp 95%, non-condensing
Heat Dissipation Convention
Acoustic noise level <40dB, A-weighted, frequency up to 20kHz
Altitude Up to 300m without power de-rating 5oC de-rated for each additional 500m