Philips TUV 55W Xtra (249730)

TUV T8 Xtra lamps are double-ended UVC (germicidal) lamps used in
professional water and air disinfection units. Thanks to the unique X-technology
TUV T8 Xtra lamps even double the life of conventional types. This extra long
and reliable lifetime is even up to 36.000 hours when the lamps are operated
on HF Gear. As a result these lamps need to be replaced less often, significantly
reducing cost and disruption. Thanks to the reliable lifetime, maintenance can be
planned in advance.

Main applications
• Air disinfection systems in professional applications such as
universities, hospitals, jails and laboratories
• Upper air and whole room disinfection equipment in hospitals,
intensive care units and surgery rooms
• Areas where absolute security of effective disinfection is crucial

Short-wave UV radiation with a peak at
253.7 nm (UVC) for disinfection purposes

Protective inside coating ensures constant UV
output over the complete lifetime of the lamp

Long lifetime of 36,000 hours* (double the
life of conventional types) thanks to unique

High reliability with the lowest percentage
of lamps that fail prematurely in the market
(90% of all lamps still operate on full output
and quality after 30,000 hours*)

Special lamp glass filters out the 185 nm
ozone-forming radiation

High Output versions available for optimum
UVC output per lamp length, allowing for
reduction of system size

Warning sign on lamp indicates that the lamp radiates UVC

Security of effective disinfection over the
useful lifetime of the lamp

Reduction of maintenance costs and
disruption thanks to doubled lifetime

Maintenance can be planned in advance,
virtually eliminating the need for expensive
spot replacement of prematurely failed lamps

High system efficacy because it is not required
to over-design the purification system to
maintain effectiveness of disinfection

Good environmental choice because of
lowest amount of mercury

Directly replaces conventional T8 lamps, so it
is not required to modify the system to enjoy the benefits