Excelitas OTFI-0110

Excelitas Technologies - LED OTFI-0100 Fiber Optic Illuminator The LED Fiber Optic Illuminator (FOI), Model OTFI-0110, by Excelitas couples high intensity white light from multiple LED's into fiber optic light guides ranging from 3mm to 10mm diameter It achieves 65C lumens through an 8mm diameter fiber and 470 lumens through a 5mm diameter filter. The OTFI-0110 incorporates an additonal light diffusing element which provides a superior level of homogeneity. The diffusing element reduces the light intensity by 17%. Excelitas FOI exceeds teh light output of 150-watt halogen lamp and provides an evergy efficient, maintenance free alternative to halogen and metal-halide fiber optic illuminators.  The benefits of model OTFI-0110 include: Low engery consumption of only 53 watts typical at full intensity - 65% more energy-efficient than 150-watt halogen illuminator technology. Long lifetime of 25,000 hours. - 125 times longer lifetime than a typical EKE 150-watt halogen lamp. Designed for microscopy, vision inspection systems, industrial borescopes and machine vision applications, the illuminator, provides a consistent color temperature over time and when the light is dimmed, resulting in a more consistent visual appearance.