Excelitas OTFI-0075

Excelitas Technologies - LED OTFI-0075 Fiber Light Engine Optics Module Excelitas' LED Fiber Optic Module with driver electronics has been designed for OEM fiber optic illumination applicatons. The LED Fiber Optic Module couples high-intesnity white light into fiber optic light guides for a range of applications including microscopy, machine vision and inspection systems. The electronic driver circuit provides linear dimming control. The LED Fiber Optic Module, OTFI-007X Series, offers OEMS an LED-based optical solution that is energy-efficient and manitenance-free. The optical module offers a lot-heat and low-voltage alternative to halogen-based and metal-halide-based fiber optic illuminators. In contrast to halogen bulbs, the color temperature of LED light remains stable when the light is dimmed, resulting in a consistent visual appearance. The LED source is comprised of high-power white LEDs, optics to precisely couple light into fiber, and a heat sink. The module will accept fiber light guides ranging from 3mm to 20mm in diameter. It is easily adaptable to a broad range of fiber light guides from different manufacturers. Please contact us for a complete comprehensive list of fiber light guide adapters. LED Module, OTFI-0075, delivers a high-intensity, homogeneous spot from the distral end of a fiber light guide.