Fiilex - Magnetic Gel Holder

The Gel Holder is designed to attach to the magnetic mounts on the front of the P360EX/P360/P200/P180E. This is a versatile, two-part accessory that serves three different functions. It can easily be used to sandwich a gel in between the two parts of the holder, or you can use it as a dome diffuser extension when working with softboxes, beauty dishes or other light modifiers that you might want to push light into. The Gel Holder can also be used as an extension for the fresnel lens, allowing you to further spot the beam angle for even greater control of the light output.

Features »
Quickly attach gels for specialized lighting effects
Extends Dome Diffuser inside of a Light Modifier
Extend Fresnel Lens to focus the light
Easy to Attach (Magnetic Mount)

Compatible with
P360 Pro Plus, P360 Pro, P360 Classic, P200 ( w/Color Blender ), P180E,