DMG Lumiere Charging Case for DASH Octa Rolling Kit

**Charging case only. No fixtures of accessories pictures included**

Charging case for the below items: 

  • 1 – Rolling, Hard-Shelled Charging Case With Power Portal
  • 8 – DMG DASH With CRMX Fixtures
  • 8 – Flat Diffusers
  • 8 – Dome Diffusers 
  • 8 – Eggcrates
  • 8 – Gel Holders
  • 8 – Magnetic Mounts
  • 8 – Light Stand Mounts
  • 2 – DMG DASH LINK4 Mounting Adapters
  • 8 – USB-A – USB-C Charging Cables
  • 1 – AC Power Cord
  • 1 – USB-A – USB-B Firmware Update Cable


The DMG DASH Octa Kit features a hard-shell rolling case to keep your gear protected. An eight-unit USB charging hub is integrated inside the Octa Case, enabling it to charge up to eight DMG DASH units at one time. The case also features slots to house all of its beam-shaping and mounting accessories for easy, at-a-glance viewing of the kit’s contents.

The DMG DASH Octa Kit contains eight slots for the DMG DASH lights, plus slots for eight of each standard beam-shaping and mounting accessory. Everything in the kit ships inside a heavy-duty charging case that can recharge all eight DMG DASH fixtures at the same time in under 3 hours.