Chroma-Q Color Force II 12" w/ trunnion, 3ft True1 to Male Edison Tail. w/ LumenRadio

Color Force II 12

Homogenised Output  Superior Colour Blend & No Unsightly Colour-Mixing Shadows
Using the very latest fully homogenised optics found in the popular Chroma-Q Color One 100 and Inspire product ranges, the Color Force II fixtures output is a single, clean and pure beam of light, delivering a superior colour blend with no unsightly colour-mixing shadows.The homogenised optics and improved Chroma-Q technology provide even higher quality saturates and pastels, and a purer white with no skittles  all from a single source.

Even More Creative Control
The new models also provide more creative control, with twice as many light engines accommodated within the same fixture lengths providing independently controllable cells every 3 inches.

Extensive RDM functionality is provided either through wired or optional wireless LumenRadio CRMX connection.
These cutting-edge LED advancements are combined with all the same proven benefits of the original Color Force range, for a truly stunning performance. These include:
Theatrical grade dimming
Complete range of creative tools
Range of multi-purpose accessories
Practical, user-friendly design

Technical Specs:

Number of Light Engines: 4
Control Modes: RGBA, RGB, HSI, Look Sel, Master, x4, x2 , x1 , Odd /Even
Approx. Maximum Lumen Output: 3,600
Approx. Power Consumption: 133W

Net Dimensions (without fixings)
Length 335mm / 13.2"
Width 218mm / 8.6"
Height 190mm / 7.5"

Net Weight: 5kg / 11.2lb
Power Connectors In/Out: Neutrik powerCON TRUE 1
Data Connectors In/Out: Neutrik XLR 5-pin
Wireless DMX: Optional LumenRadio CRMX
IP Rating: IP20
CCT: 1,000 - 10,000K
CRI: Up to 92

Optics with accessories:
Standard 22° x 22° (approx.)
Border Optic 43° x 43° (approx.)
Cyc Optic 80° x 35° (approx.)

Note: White fixture version available call for more info.