DMG Lumiere SL1 Mix Basic Kit

The patent-pending MIX technology features a proprietary blend of six LEDs: Red + Lime + Green + Blue + Amber + White. This enables the SL1 MIX fixture to generate a wide gamut of colors and create accurate Rosco gel matches that have been authenticated by Rosco’s color experts.
Set lighting technicians know that speed is of the essence when the cameras are rolling. There are no complicated menus on the SL1 MIX. Simply choose between three different modes: White Mode, Gel Mode and Color Mode, then choose the color temperature, hue or Rosco gel color desired and adjust as-needed. All of these features are available using the fixture’s on-board controls, or via the myMIX app from your mobile device.

1x SL1 & MINI MIX Driver- 12 to 35VDC
1x SL1 & MIX Lamp Extension Cable 26'
1x Standard Single Ball Mount
1x SL1 MIX LampHead 200 Watts
1x SL1 AC Power Supply

1x SL1 Rigid bag
Light Panel Dimensions: 1118 x 205 x 37mm
Max Power Consumption: 200W
Battery Powered: Any DC source from 24 - 35 VDC
Connectors: LP-20-J07PP-01-001
Number of LEDs: 576 (6 x 96)
Colour Temperature Range: 1700°K to 10 000°K
CRI CRI Average: > 95
TLCI-II TLCI Average: > 90
Colored Light: Ful Color Gamut with Hue, Saturation and white base control
Gels: True Rosco Gels
Green-Magenta Adjustment: Continuously adjustable (Full Minusgreen to Full Plusgreen)
Diffusion: Frosted Acrylic Diffuser
Standard Mounting Standard Mount – The K1 single ball
Housing Material: Black Anodised Aluminium and Stainless Steel Screws
Silent Cooling: Passive Cooling Technology – No Fins, No Fans
IP Rating: 20

3200k FC @ 3 Feet: 384
3200k FC @ 15 Feet: 20
5600k FC @ 3 Feet: 375
5600k FC @ 15 Feet: 20