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UHP 132

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Original Manufacturer Bulb DLP TV Lamp - UHP 132-100W 1.0 P22 Lamp Application: RP-TV Reflector Type: Par22 Arc gap: 1.0mm Power: 100W to 120W Ignition voltage: 20kV +/- 5kV Light output typical: 3200 lumen (in 120W mode) * Average Lifetime: >6000 Hours ** Enviromental: RoHS and WEEE compliant * Bundle lumen on pot at 2400mm ** Ballast Type Test conditions UHP 120W electronic power supply (EUC-120P/11, 120dP/31, 120dP/51) stablized at 120W



DLP TV Lamp Alternate Part Numbers: Hitachi UX21511 UX21513 UX21514 UX21516 UX21517 UX21518 UX25951 LG/Zenith 6912V00006C Panasonic TY-LA1000 TY-LA1500 Philips 312243871310 Sony XL-2100U XL-2300U XL-5100U XL-5200U Televisions Using This Lamp Type HITACHI 50V500 50V500A 50VX500 60V500 60V500A 60VX500 42V515 42V525 42V710 50C10 50V500G 50V525E 50V710 60V710 60V715 50V720 60V5810A 50C20 55VS69A 55VS69A 62VS69 MITSUBISHI WD52527 WD52528 WD62527 WD62528 WD52526 WD62526 Panasonic PT43LC14 PT43LCX64 PT44LCX65 PT50LC13 PT50LC14 PT50LCX63 PT50LCX64 PT52LCX15B PT52LCX35 PT52LCX65 PT60LC13 PT60LCX63 PT60LCX64 PT61LCX35 PT61LCX65 PHILIPS 55PL977S 55PL9774 55PL9223 44PL9522 55PL9773/17 55PL9524/37 55PL9224 44PL952217 55PL977437 62PL9774 44PL9523 SONY KDF42WE655 KDF50WE655 KDF60XBR950 KDF70XBR950 KF-42WE610 KF-50WE610 KF-60WE610 KDS-R50XBR1 KDS-R60XBR1 KDS-50A2000 KDS-55A2000 KDS-60A2000 KDS-50A2020 KDS-55A2020 KDS-60A2020 KDS-50A3000 KDS-55A3000 KDS-60A3000

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