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Samsung BP96-00224J, C, D, E RP-TV Lamp Assembly

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Samsung BP96-00224J, C, D, E Replacement TV Lamp Assembly - (Lamp and Cage Included)

Lamp Application: MD-TV

Reflector Type: Elliptic E23

Arc gap: 1.3mm

Power Range: 100 - 120 W

Ignition voltage: 15 -18 kV

Light output typical: 5,200 lumen @ 120 W *

Average Lifetime: > 6,000 hours @ 120 W **

Environmental: Complies RoHS

* Observed in working distance through O 6 mm aperture

** When operated on Osram lamp driver PT VIP 2AC/380 01



Samsung BP96-00224J, C, D, E RP-TV Lamp Assembly Compatible Samsung TV Models: HL-P5674W, HL-R4677W, HL-P4674W, HL-R5677W, HL-N5065W, HL-N617W, HL-N507W, HL-N567WX, HL-M507WX, HL-N4567W, HL-M4365, HL-M4365W, HL-M4365WX, HL-M437, HL-M437W, HL-M437W1X, HL-M437WX, HL-M5056W1X, HL-M5056WX, HL-M5065, HL-M5065W, HL-M507, HL-M617W, HL-M617WX, HL-N43, HL-N4365, HL-N4365W, HL-N4365W1X, HL-N4365W1X/XAA, HL-N4365WX, HL-N4365WX/XAA, HL-N437W, HL-N437W1X, HL-N437W1X/XAA, HL-N437WX, HL-N467, HL-N467W, HL-N467WX, HL-N5065, HL-N5065W1X, HL-N5065W1X/XAA, HL-N507, HL-N567, HL-N567W, HL-N567WX/XAA, HL-N617, HL-N617W1, HL-N617W1X, HL-N617W1X/XAA, HL-N617WX, HL-N617WX/XA, HL-N617WX/XAA, HL-P4674WX, HL-P467WX/XAA, HL-P5674WX, HL-R4677WX/XAA, HL-R5677WX/XAA, ST43L2HD

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UPC BP96-00224J, C, D, E


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