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RCA 265103 RP- TV Lamp Assembly

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RCA 265103 Replacement TV Lamp Assembly - (OEM Lamp with Cage Included)

Lamp Application: MD-TV

Reflector Type: Elliptic E23

Arc gap: 1.3mm

Power Range: 100 - 120 W

Ignition voltage: 15 -18 kV

Light output typical: 5,200 lumen @ 120 W *

Average Lifetime: > 6,000 hours @ 120 W **

Environmental: Complies RoHS

* Observed in working distance through O 6 mm aperture

** When operated on Osram lamp driver PT VIP 2AC/380 01



RCA 265103 RP-TV Lamp Assembly Compatible RCA TV Models: HD50LPW162YX1, HD50LPW162YX2, HD50LPW163YX1, HD50LPW163YX2, HD50LPW42YX3, HD50LPW42YX4, HD61LPW162YX1, HD61LPW162YX2, HD61LPW163YX1, HD61LPW163YX2, HD61LPW163YX5, HD61LPW42YX3, HD61LPW42YX4, HDLP50W151YX2, HDLP50W151YX4, HDLP61W151YX2, HDLP61W151YX4

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