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Osram ICE100/841/2P/ECO (26103)

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Osram ICE100/841/2P/ECO (26103)

• Bridge/Tunnel
• Escalators
• Freezers/cold storage
• High/Low bay
• Indirect
• Indoor & outdoor
• Signage
• Street and area lighting



Osram ICE100/841/2P/ECO (26103) 100W, T17 ICETRON electrodeless fluorescent lamp, rare earth phoshpor, 4100K color temperature, 80 CRI, 2-prong connector with 24" leads, ECOLOGIC The ICETRON® QUICKTRONIC® lighting system incorporates an electrodeless fluorescent lamp which is excited by a radio frequency (RF) magnetic field. As a fluorescent lamp, ICETRON utilizes the same mechanism for light generation as found in conventional fluorescent lamps with internal electrodes. That is, the ultraviolet (UV) radiation generated by the internal discharge is converted to visible light by the phosphor coating on the inner wall of the lamp envelope. In contrast with conventional discharge lamps of fluorescent type, ICETRON does not require electrodes. Furthermore, the discharge current path forms a closed loop. The electric field that initiates and maintains the plasma inside the discharge vessel is created not by electrodes but by an RF magnetic field concentrated within ferromagnetic ring cores. In essence, the ICETRON lamp is an electrical transformer with the closed loop discharge plasma serving as a one-turn secondary winding coupled to ferromagnetic cores whose multi-turn primary windings are excited by an electronic RF power converter (the ballast). The ICETRON lamp utilizes an inductively coupled plasma that is driven in a closed loop discharge tube. Within that tube, RF power is evenly distributed along the discharge path. This allows a low profile geometry that avoids excessive thermal stress near the excitation area (typical of RF lamps with internal RF drive). ICETRON operates at a frequency of 250 kHz (relatively low when compared to other RF lamps which function at 2.65 and 13.56 MHz). This frequency minimizes electromagnetic interference problems and ballast complexity. Together with the decentralized power injection, the low frequency operation results in a long-life electrodeless fluorescent lamp with unprecedented light output and system efficiency.

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Brand Osram
UPC 046135261039


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