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Infrared bulbs can serve a variety of uses in many different industries. They are used in industries such as medicine, dentistry, various sciences, solar technologies, semiconductor manufacturing, water treatment and much more. With all of these fields continuously growing, there is more need than ever for quality infrared lamps. At RST Visions, our team is able to work with you to identify your infrared lamp needs and then to offer application specific lamps. These can be 100% custom made, or integrated with existing lamps to deliver you the lighting solution you must have for business.

If you are worried that custom lighting solutions might be too expensive for you, you are in the right place. We offer our custom lamps at prices that are competitive and fit within your budget. You can also find affordable infrared bulbs that we already have in stock, to save you even more money. Browse our selection of blubs and contact us if you do not see the infrared lamps that you need so that we can start working with you to determine a solution to your business needs. At RST, we offer our clients the highest quality blub solutions at the best prices possible.

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  • Osram 54322

    150W - E14 - Halogen - G6.35 Bipin

  • Osram 54323

    80W - E14 - Halogen - G6.35 Bipin

  • Osram 54555

    1,000W - 120V - T6 - Halogen - G9.5 Medium Bipin - Clear

  • Osram 59850

    500W - 120V - T3 - Halogen - Flexible Nickel Lead Wires - Translucent


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