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Solar Lamps

IR (Infrared) Lamps: In the Solar/Photovoltaic (PV) industry, IR lamps are used as a key heat processing technology utilized in the manufacture of solar cells and panels.

Xenon Short Arc Lamps: Provide light output which very closely imitates actual sun light and are the primary lamps of choice for use in all types of solar simulators.

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  • Asahi Spectra HAL-320

    Asahi Spectra HAL-320 High approximation of solar spectrum with AM1.5G, compact design and flexible fiber illumination system. The solar simulator HAL-320, includes an AM1.5G filter, is a compact design and easy carrying. Fiber output system enables flexible design of experiment : combination with a glove box, a prober,manufacturing line and so on.

  • Osram (69474)

    4,000W - 28V - XBO - SFaX30-9.5, SFa30-7.9 - Clear

  • Osram Sylvania 69244 - XBO 450 W/4

    450W - 17V - T29.5 - XBO - Double Ended - Clear


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